Get outta that heat with a Wild Tour!

Wild Tour at Glenwood Caverns Seems like the mercury is rising just about everywhere … except inside Glenwood Caverns and Historic Fairy Caves. The forecast is calling for a high of 91 in Glenwood Springs, 93 in Denver, 92 in Colorado Springs and a whopping 98 degrees in Grand Junction! The forecast for Glenwood Caverns is always the same: a comfy 52 degrees.

The King’s Row Tour and the new Historic Fairy Caves Tour can get you into this cool cave for 50 minutes each and they’re both a lot of fun. But to really escape the heat, try a Wild Tour. It’s a 2-hour, on-your-belly adventure through rarely visited sections of the cave. You’ll get fitted with a lighted helmet and all of the necessary equipment before joining an experienced caver for an underground exploration you’ll always remember. And, don’t forget, it’s 52 degrees in there!

You’ll need a reservation to get in on a Wild Tour, so call 970-945-4228 or 800-530-1635, ext. 0, to schedule yours today. It’s $60 per person and the minimum age is 10. These photos were taken this week by Wild Tour guide Kathy Miller. Sure looks like they’re having fun!

Couple on Glenwood Caverns Wild TourTight squeeze on the Wild Tour at Glenwood CavernsGlenwood Caverns Wild Tour

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