Fifty50 promises 100% fun at Music on the Mountain this Saturday

Local’s Choice winners Fifty50 will take the stage August 10th on the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park stage, as Music on the Mountain returns after a mid-summer hiatus. So, if you’ve put your dancing shoes away, it’s time to dig them back out because Fifty50 will be sure to get you moving!

Fifty50 performs at the return of Music on the Mountain Saturday, August 10

The band is comprised of Beth Getzen Stoltzfus, Dave Stoltzfus, Dale Loper, Jerry Larsen and Brian Brown. “We have such a great chemistry,” says Beth Getzen Stoltzfus. “What sets us apart from other bands is the harmony blend between myself, Dave, and Dale. A lot of our songs are harmonies the whole way through. You don’t see that with a lot of bands.”

The band has been together since their first gig at Rivers Restaurant in Glenwood Springs in 2002, and over the years has developed quite the following in the Roaring Fork Valley. They’ve been honored with Local’s Choice Awards seven times; in 2012 and 2013 those Local’s Choice Awards were gold. “It’s very moving for us that the community chose us,” remarks Stoltzfus. “It’s a big honor. We’re just regular working folk, but music is our passion. We are so happy that people appreciate us.” They play all over the valley at festivals, bars (the Black Nugget in Carbondale is a favorite spot) and private events.

Fifty50 won the gold Local's Choice Award in 2012 and 2013.

“We have so much fun on stage!” exclaims Stoltzfus. “There’s no stress, no egos, we’re just friends–a family, really–and our performances just show our love for each other and for what we do.”

“We try to speak to all ages, from young teenagers to older people,” says Stoltzfus. “We are very eclectic in our choice of music, and there’s something for everyone.” The band performs a mixture of classic rock ‘n’ roll covers (Grace Potter is a favorite of Beth’s) and original songs. The band shares songwriting duties, and often times they will come up with new songs just by playing around at practice. “We’ll get a jam going, add some words, and then we’ll go ‘hey, there’s a song!’”

Beth and Dave were acquaintances before the band formed, and playing together led to a good friendship and then something more. The couple were married in 2007. “We had played Strawberry Days, and right after the show we had a party at our house and got married!” laughs Stoltzfus. “We told our friends we were getting married and they said, ‘Oh, finally, good for you guys, when’s the wedding?’ We said ‘no, you don’t get it–we are getting married right now!’”

This will be the band’s second year playing Music on the Mountain. “We are excited to play there again. The views are so fantastic! The crowd is a lot of fun, and the people that work there are great. It’s a well-rounded experience,” Stoltzfus says.

The name Fifty50 came into being by chance. “We were trying to come up with a band name. I wanted it to be called ‘Before 9’ because I’m always wanting to be in bed at 9pm! But then Dave and I were coming back from Taos, and we saw a road sign for ‘50 west and 50 east…the sign said 50/50. I said, ‘that would be such a great name.’ It’s perfect because Dave and I have a 50/50 partnership, and the interaction between the audience and the band is a 50/50 collaboration…and when you put 50 and 50 together that’s 100%, which is what we put into all our shows!”

“We have had so much support over the years,” says Stoltzfus. “We are just so honored that we can live, work, and play in this valley.”

Join Fifty50 in celebrating our beautiful valley this Saturday, August 10 at Music on the Mountain. As always, there will be drink specials, food, and rides will be open. Bring at least one can of food for a Lift-Up Food Bank donation and get a free tram ride! For more information visit

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