Bring out your inner party animal with The Rock Dogs at Music on the Mountain

Roaring Fork Valley locals The Rock Dogs will take the stage this Saturday, August 24th. It’s the last concert for the month of August, so bring your family and friends for one last celebration of summer before we head into fall!

The popular band plays all over the Western Slope (they’ve appeared at Mountain Fair, Strawberry Days, and the Redstone Castle just to name a few) as well as in Moab and other spots across the region. Glenwood Caverns is pleased to bring their cheerful sound and easygoing attitudes to the Adventure Park!

The Rock Dogs bring fun and danceable tunes to Music on the Mountain Saturday, August 24th

We spoke with bassist Tom Mercer, one third of the trio that makes up The Rock Dogs along with Dale Loper on guitar and Dan Brennan-Combs on drums (Tom and Dale trade off on lead vocals throughout their shows).

GCAP: So how did The Rock Dogs get their start?
TM: We started playing together in 1991. We came together from a variety of different bands, but we didn’t know each other that well. So you could definitely say that music brought us together.

GCAP: What kind of music do you guys play?
TM: We play rock music, spanning from the 1960’s to today. It’s not hard rock, though…you aren’t going to hear any metal or acid rock. It’s all upbeat stuff, that you can either dance to or enjoy listening to. We play some originals but mostly covers. Different songs work with different crowds, so we try to pick what we think will work for the crowd in front of us.

GCAP: So who are your favorite artists to cover?
TM: Well, whatever will get people up and moving around. The Beatles, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Bruce Springsteen…those are a few of our favorites, but it’s really all over the place. The main rule is that is has to be crowd pleasing.

Any memorable shows from all your years together?
TM: One thing that sticks out is a show seven or eight years ago, we were playing on the sun deck on Aspen Mountain. There were a group of people dancing and out of nowhere they formed a human pyramid. There were three or four layers of people. It was really incredible!

GCAP: Besides the possibility of human pyramids, what else can people expect at a Rock Dogs show?
TM: Honestly, just to have a good time, to have fun with their friends. It’s not about the band, it’s about the people. Everything else will just fall into place. It’s all about fun; that’s what we are there for. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

GCAP: You’ve played at Music on the Mountain in the past, correct?
TM: Yes, we’ve performed twice before. It’s a great venue. People really enjoy being up there. When the weather is good, there’s really nowhere better to play in Glenwood Springs. Plus the staff, especially Bob (Stepniewski, the restaurant and retail manager), has been great to work with.

GCAP: Anything else to share about your upcoming show?
Just that we are really looking forward to it! And we want to tell people to bring lots of cans of food for Lift-Up, get a free ride up and come see us. It’s a win-win.

For more information, visit Music on the Mountain. Bring at least one can of food to donate and get a free tram ride to the top! Hope to see you there!

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