Lizard Skinner: Local Favorites Unite for One-of-a-Kind Performance

Crowds attending this Saturday’s concert are in for a big treat, as Lizard Skinner makes its debut at Music on the Mountain. The band, fronted by local rock ‘n’ roll mainstays Louie Girardot and Steve Skinner, is a collaboration between The Steve Skinner Band and Louie and the Lizards.

Lizard Skinner, a mixture of Louie and the Lizards and The Steve Skinner Band, plans to tear it up this Saturday at Music on the Mountain

Louie and the Lizards, a very popular band in the valley for more than a decade, disbanded when Louie’s brother, the band’s guitarist, left the group.  “I tried to keep the band going, but it just wasn’t happening without him,” remembers Girardot. He eventually joined Steve’s Skinner’s band The Natives, playing keyboard.

Lizard Skinner will present the best of both bands–originals and covers. “It should be pretty epic!” says Girardot. “You can expect a really high energy, rock ‘n’ roll show that will cover classic and contemporary rock. We’ll play everything from old Rolling Stones tunes to Jane’s Addiction.”

Girardot has been playing music his whole life; he started playing the piano at six years old and knew he was destined for a life filled with music. “I played bass instruments throughout school; I was actually a tuba major at Colorado State University,” he says. Though he has since moved on to other instruments, Girardot still has tuba on the brain. “I’ve had the itch recently,” he says. “I’ve actually been looking for one on eBay.”

Girardot and Skinner go way back; they have been playing together on and off since the mid 1990’s. “Steve is an exceptional songwriter,” says Louie. “I have a lot of fun playing his music. For him, fun is number one. So we have a great time playing together.” Their friendship runs in the family; their daughters were best friends in grade school.

Asked about the band name’s similarity to Lynyrd Skynrd, Louie just laughs. “I was just looking for ways to sync up the names of the two different names. It was just too good to turn down!”

Saturday will be a special day for Louie and the rest of the band. It’s not only Lizard Skinner’s first advertised appearance, but a reunion of sorts. Louie’s brother Michael will be coming in from Durango to perform with the band, and all the original members of Louie and the Lizards will be there, except for the drummer (Corey Spagnolo of The Chambers Brothers and The Natives will be on drums).

Says Louie, “Any of the old fans of Louie and the Lizards who’ve been itching to hear the old tunes–this is their opportunity. It’s going to be nuts!”

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear Lizard Skinner! Bring at least one can of food for a free tram ride to the top. For more information, visit
Music on the Mountain.

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