The Orchard and New Creation Church To Play Special Sunday Show

Can’t get enough Music on the Mountain? You’re in luck! A special Sunday show has been added to this week’s lineup. The show will feature two bands from local churches, The Orchard and New Creation Church Worship Team. Both groups bring the promise of fun times and good music for all ages.

The New Creation Church Worship Team plays energetic, uplifting and inspirational music

“We’re very high energy, not what people would think of as a church group,” says Melissa Hefferon, leader of the New Creation Church Worship Team, which performs contemporary Christian rock. “It’s definitely music that anybody would enjoy. ”

The team often performs at their church in Glenwood Springs with over 40 people including a choir. At Music on the Mountain they will bring a smaller group with five vocalists and a full band–still a big group by any band’s standards, but according to Hefferon they are a tight-knit group. It’s a good thing because, as Hefferon says, “we are together all the time!”

“We are so blessed to have so many great musicians and vocalists,” she says. “We have lots of mixed ages–from teenagers to people in their 60’s. But we all have the same purpose. Our primary focus is to help people feel a spiritual connection.”

The group often writes their own music, says Hefferon. “We have various people who like to songwrite, and we are very collaborative!”

“You should definitely come out,” Hefferon says of Sunday’s show. “Between the two bands, there are lots of different styles of music.”

Jerry Alcorta of The Orchard is also looking forward to Sunday’s show. “We played last year, and it was a blast. There was a good turnout, and we had fun playing music and hanging out!”

Formerly the Church of Carbondale, The Orchard performs progressive Christian music at their church, but often at other venues they will branch out. “We’ve played Carnahan’s, BeerWorks [both in Carbondale]…all around. We like to cover U2, Johnny Cash, Dave Matthews–all kinds of stuff.”

Blending life, music and faith, The Orchard knows how to have a good time!

A particularly memorable experience was when The Orchard played at First Friday in Carbondale. “One of the new art galleries had asked us to play,” says Alcorta. We set up on Main Street and everyone gathered around, sitting on the sidewalk, just listening. We got lots of positive feedback from that show. Not that many bands get to play in the middle of the street!”

The faith-based band offers a memorable experience. “You can expect to have a good time!” says Alcorta. “It’s upbeat, uplifting music meant for dancing, and for having a good time.”

Sunday’s show starts at 4 pm, and starting at 2 pm, bring at least one can of food for a free tram ride to the top. For more information, visit Music on the Mountain.

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