New Rides and more coming to
Glenwood Caverns in 2014

Glenwood Canyon Flyer

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Swing up, up, up and around as you soar out over the edge of Glenwood Canyon, 1400 feet above the Colorado River.

You'll feel like you're flying!

Soaring Eagle Zip Ride
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Be pulled 600 feet up the mountain, then released for a scenic zip ride back down And no more stairs to climb!

When you start the ride you are 128 feet up in the air.
It'll take your breath away!







Cowboy Camp


Alongside the Nature Trail, which leads to the Cliffhanger Roller Coaster and the Glenwood Canyon Flyer, the new Cowboy Camp will be the providing additional entertainment in the form of live Western music.

The Cowboy Camp is open on weekends 12 - 4pm, through Labor Day weekend.

Doc Holliday and Kid Curry


Doc Holliday and Kid Curry lookalikes will be back this year to stir up some trouble and pose for a few photos in the plaza.

The real Doc Holliday, a dentist turned gunman and gambler, came to Glenwood Springs after the famous shootout at the OK Corral. He hoped that soaking in the hot springs would cure his advanced tuberculosis.

Doc Holliday and Kid Curry are performing on weekends 12 - 4pm, through Labor Day weekend.

Blacksmith Shop


You will also be able to watch a blacksmith make sparks and some souvenirs in his coal-fired forge and anvil shop.

The Blacksmith Shop is open Thursday through Sunday 10am - 5pm, through Labor Day weekend.